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print inspection system machine software Print inspection quality artwork pre-press

The Hallmarker Series is The Printing quality inspection series / system / software / machine that supports every medium(digital data and printed paper and more). 


The Hallmarker Series is the only one product that cover all printing process from DTP to Printing and it can reduce accidents dramatically.

Print inspection Software

Basic software that includes the basic function of The series. 

Maintaining the inspection precision of Hallmarker while in handling a large amount of pages automatically.

Successor of the EyeMine engine. Ken2Pa!'s hightlight is  ability to inspect batch of digital data. It is the perfect solution to inspect masc digital data that has been dificult.

Print inspection device / system

CorrectEye is a brand new inspection system that uses cameras to inspect. 

Put the sample on the stand and you only need to touch the capture button and you can confirm the results.

While maintaining the inspection precision of Hallmarker, CorrectEye can perform a variety of inspections with easy steps !

Contactless Scanner Type from CorrecrEye emerged!

Support advance sheet inspectioneeasily with high speed and high precisionsily with one CorrectEye SIS it is possible to compare data after RIP and printed materials from several printers.

Hallmarker for CAN

​                          with Cylindrical Scanner

High speed inspection with one button ! The inspection exclusively for cans with two parts structure. Inspection Device for the Exterior of cans.

print inspection system machine software 1 Bit Tiff edit editor CTP Bit-Through

No matter how perfect the digital work flow is, "PRINTNG" itself is still phigically. and What that means is that you will face with a range of situations that you must respond to individually.


  • Misregister. How shall I fix it ?

  • Different printer, different colour.

  • Moire

  • A request for partial replacement at this stage.

  • Wants to adjust the tone.

  • Wants to predict ghosting.

  • Printer failure. Have to output on another printer.  


We would like to show you how to solve these problems without having to revert back to the upper process.

No longer need to print out for press check / validation of printing plate. Now You can check printing plate, press check directly on the monitor. No more waste of paper, time and money.

print inspection system machine software  Print inspection quality system
Various web technology
The Web Product Series

By utilizing our knowledge of image processing technology, original web system and services, we are providing the users a  fun web system which allows them to create their own products. The web system is the innovative perception for the development of a new consumer market.


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