Ken2Pa !

Make everything possible with Ken2Pa! The future generation of digital inspection.

Ken2Pa! is successor of the EyeMine engine and it is capable of batch inspect digital data that has been difficult to cope with up until now.

Handling any types of digital data !

An ordinary digital inspection software can only inspect digital data that are same size and has the same RIP process; however, with Ken2pa!, you can handle any types of digital data .

The basic function of Ken2Pa! and example of how they work.

Common basic functions of the series >

Just drag and drop the folder and you can inspect any type of digital data!

Drag and drop the folder and the inspection will begin automatically !

With the easy drag and drop inspection, you can make various inspection folders for various uses.

Folder for

digital plate check

Folder for

different RIP engine

Folder for

sheet with paginated images

Folder for

data from different OS, Software

Folder for

different RIP makers

Example 1 : Ordinary inspection like correction and contents check

Beside text inspections, it is possible to detect the small changes (~0.3%) in the tone of photograph. (1) 

Check the before and after content in DTP section. Of coruse knocking out and overprinting are also detected.

The first proof

The second proof

(1) Various inspection setting needed for various inspection subject.

Includes crop mark

Even in cases where size differ with the same contents because of existence or nonexistence of a crop mark, and also rotated, Ken2pa! automatically detects same contents from target image and begins inspection. 

No crop mark

Example 2 : The OK proof and a sheet with paginated images


Check the OK proof to see if there have been any unexpected changes.

Individual pages

A sheet with paginated images


It's possible to inspect datas that are spread or a sheet with paginated images (Front and back) (1)

(1) This option will require CTM, please check the HallmarkCenter for more information >

For example, RIP maker during the early design process is different than the RIP maker at the finished stage.

Example 3 : Inspection for different RIP maker

RIP maker A

RIP maker B


Early designing process


The character is the same, but an ordinaly inspection engine wil detects all tiny differences as deviations like this.

Of course, EyeMine engine will not judge this RIP processes as misprint.

Example 4 : Inspection for a reprint that is updated the RIP version

If the version is different, RIP process will different even with the same RIP maker. In addition, RIP process engine will be changed from CPSI to APP so the content needs to be checked in case of some unexpected changes. 

DTP data

DTP data


Old version

New version


Example 5 : Inspection for a PDF(Postscript data) + TIFF image for conprehensive layout

When the postscript data (ie.PDF file) is send to the press for printing, there are cases where the content is changed in case of some unexpected changes. 

A case where the font was changed unexpectedly

Uploaded PDF

PDF that was opened at The printer

When you rotate and paginate single images to a sheet, some images on single pages are off to the side a little bit and the background color will appeared .   

The background color will appeared as a white line

A Case where the overprint option is turned on where the PDF file was uploaded

Overprint OFF

Overprint ON

Unexpected accidents can occur when sending PDF files to the press for the press for printing, so to increase the credibility of inspection, a comprehensive layout is needed. We recommend using a rasterized image like TIFF file for comprehensive layout like below.

DTP data



Comprehensive layout