Print Inspection software Hallmarker

Inspection of the first proof and the second proof

Scan a master and sample copy to file, and then open each file with the Hallmarker wizard to begin inspection.

A single image and a sheet with repeated images

Supporting bar code inspect

Indicate the desired area on the single image

Various mode to confirm result

Individual pages and a sheet with paginated images

Even with paginated images, you can confirm result easily. There are two modes for viewing results - a mode in which you can view an overview sheet and a mode in which you can view each page individually. 

Individual pages and sheet with paginated images

It automatically detects a single image from the paginated images, differences in rotation and begin inspection. 

Visual inspection mode

It is also easy to check documents that have different layout and typesetting. Moves the cursor to the location where you want to check, and you can align highlighted area with one click.

Complex paginated shapes like boxes

Even with complex paginated shapes like boxes, you can still indicate the desired area easily on a single image and begin inspection.

Inspection between different size and rotation

Even in case where size and rotation are different, it is easy to change it to the appropriate size.

It automatically calculates the rate of enlargement and shrinkage and changes the image to the appropriate size.


Option for color profile creation and color space correction

A color chart provided by Hallmarker can be printed out with your regular printer, and you can compare data input with a scanner with the original chart to automatically create profiles for color combinations.In this way you can check devices that have different color ranges such as combinations of CMYK and RGB.

Option for inspection between digital data

This option is necessary to compare and check digital data items after the RIP. Fine gradation differences can be detected, achieving rapid checking.

Option for automatic checking with connected scanners

After using Hallmarker to read the master images, place the sample images in the scanner and Hallmarker will start inspecting the scanned sample images.. While the inspection is running it will simultaneously adjust positioning, and the result will be either saved or displayed depending on which option is checked off. 

Check and share of the results

Inspection results are confirmed with the exclusive "HallmarkViewer" viewer software that is free of charge.

For example, with a distortion inspection,put the sample image on the distortion display(blinking display) and the errors will be circled in the color of your choice. Also a harftone display can be set for sections with no errors, so you can check the resuts without overlooking any part. This is a free installable software, so persons-in-charge

and clients can easily confirm the inspection results on their PCs.

Operating environment

Possible inspection size

Hallmarker for Proof

A3 Plus (329 x 530mm / Equivalent to 400dpi)

There is no limit to the image size

Hallmarker for Print

There is no limit to the image size.

The speed with multi-thread.

Hallmarker 64bit

Recommended operating environment


: Windows 7 professional SP1 32bit or 64bit Intel Core i5 or more

: 32bit OS/4GB or more, 64bit OS/8GB or more