Printing Inspection Engine


We introduce you our inspection engine "EyeMine" that was developed in-house, and included in all Hallmarker series in here first.

ordinaly inspection engine

For example,The character below is the same, but if the RIP maker is different...

An ordinaly inspection engine will detect differences like this.

It will be difficult to find all the deviations that are important.

EyeMine engine

So you can easily find the mistakes you are looking for.

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Variety of line up for your needs


Basic software that includes the basic function of The series. check this software first to see example of how this function works in The series.

Maintaining the inspection precision of Hallmarker while specializing in handling a large amount of pages automatically.

Succeeded to EyeMine engine and batch processing that inspects automatic for digital inspection and handling types of inspection that has benn difficult even for digital data to cope with up till now.


Contactless Scanner Type from CorrecrEye emerged!

Support advance sheet inspectioneeasily with high speed and high precisionsily with one CorrectEye SIS it is possible to compare data after RIP and printed materials from several printers.

The innovative inspection system with advanced inspection precision. Place the sample on the platform, touch the capture button, and it is ready for various types of inspections. Various models are available according to the photo size. CorrectEye can handle sizes ranging from A0 to small package size.

The inspection exclusively for cans with two parts structure.Device for the Exterior of cans.

​High speed inspection with one button !

It can be used in various inspection processes

Whether it is printing physcically data, digital data, individual pages or a sheet with paginated images, the Hallmarker can complete the inspection for any type of data.

Printed scanned data

Paper that has been printed by inkjet


Actual printing paper

Digital comprehensive layout

Paper comprehensive layout


Composite data after the  RIP is completed

Papers that are printed by laser printers