Print Inspection Device / System inputting by contact-less scanner for wet-ink sheet

CorrectEye SIS

Contactless Scanner Type from Printing inspection device CorrectEye emerged !
Support advance sheet inspection easily with high speed and high precision.
​With one CorrectEye SIS it is possible to compare data after RIP and printed materials from several printers.
Inspection after completion of printing
Sampling (Random) inspection
Advance sheet inspection
For wet-ink press sheets
​Scanning time is about 
13 seconds
for A1 size
From the beginning of scanning to the end of inspection,
it is about
Stage set for mounting SIS scanner
45 seconds
​*300dpi comparison between CMYK data and scanned image
The resolution can be set at 300dpi or 600dpi depending on necessary accuracy. Input size : app. B1 size(1091mm x 788mm) Supported TIFF and PDF files for inspection.
Table top model
Do you need any help ?
  • Feel limitation for the inspection by hunman eyes
  • Want to be equipped with the third eye for quality guarantee.
  • The client demands on introducing inspection device.
  • Need inspection device that can work with multiple printers.
  • Cannot find inspection device that can install on an old printer.
  • Need higher precision inspection than in-line inspection device.
  • Want to do comparison inspection between data after RIP and printed materials.
  • Want inspection device with easy operation.
All these needs can be met by CorrectEye SIS !
Inspection between digital data(CMYK) and printed materials
CorrectEye Series products use our own developed inspection engine and perform high level comparison inspection between different medium like print data and printed paper.
Digital file (8bitTIFF)
Printed  material
Examples of defects detection
CorrectEye SIS can detect pinhole or fragment instantly which is impossible by in-line inspection. It also performs comparison inspection with digital data very precisely.
blur fragment
ink peeling
Support several printing machines
One  CorrectEye SIS can inspect several printed material from several printers.
in addition, quality control server equipped with job management function is available as an option. It is possible to upgrade your system into quality control system which manages several printer jobs centrally with data base.
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Maximum inspection size
1091mm x 788mm
Products composition
  • Contact-less scanner
  • Inspection software : CorrectEye
  • PC
  • Touch Panel Monitor
  • Stage for mounting SIS scanner(option)
  • Inspection result viewer software : HallmarkViewer(No copyright)
  • Color Space Correction Tool
  • Digital PDF Option
  • ​1Bit-Tiff Option
Read-in Resolution
300dpi / 600dpi
Data format for comparison
PDF, 8bitTIFF, 1bitTIFF(Option)
Power specifications
100V ~ 240V  900W
Devices measurement
Table top model
W1570 x D1280 x H855mm / 220kg
Stage set for mounting SIS scanner
W1570 x D1280 x H1510mm / 270kg
​                  (exclude monitor arm)
One and only inspection engine from No.1 share inspection series Hallmarker in Japan !