printing plate check press check plate validation on monitor 1bitTIFF 8bit TIFF CTP 

Printing plate / Press checking on the monitor 

Digital Plate Checker

No longer need to print out and waste of money for press check / validation of printing plate
Future with 
Digital Plate Checker
  • Open directly 1bitTIFF file for CTP. Support for 8bit TIFF as well.
  • Check the image size with horizontal and  vertical guided drawing functions.
  • Recognition of the center of register marks when guided drawings are on.
  • Display plate and paper sizes.
  • Measure and save gripper and completion with scale function(Support display in inches)
  • Point easily out the problem places with hand drawing function.
  • Prevent from forgetting work with checking function of confirming list.
  • Watermark display of front and back pages
Digital Plate Checker
Press check directly on the monitor without Printing out
Print output
Validate with output pape
CTP Output