​Inspection device for the exterior of cans 

Hallmarker for CAN with Cylindrical Scanner 

High speed inspection with one button !

The inspection exclusively for cans with two parts structure

Inspection device for the Exterior of cans

Can detect defectives on the exterior

Detect stains and scratches on printing surface

Detect pinholes and others

The convenience of Hallmarker for CAN with Cylindrical Scanner for customers is not just its accuracy.

  • Shorten the time for detection or judgement to be defective or not, compared to eye inspection.

  • ​All inspection results will be recorded and this will make it easier to trace back upon occurrence of a problem.

  • Anyone can judge it to be defective or not, regardless of operator's experience level.

  • ​It is possible to compare directly between the master sample (can) and the original digital data. This allows you to guarantee the better quality of the product.

Furthermore, by the roller structure for which prevents the deviation that is detrimental to an inspection, the stable and highly accurate inspection became possible.

Inspection will be completed with 3 easy steps

Hallmarker for CAN Promotion video (2:25)

News Release
December, 2016 GTB participated in Asia Can Tech