Editing system for graduation album which can be completed on the Web

Weebum can reduce the work load significantly of photo studio, sales person of printing co and DTP processes by completing editing flow of making graduation album on the Web.

Weebum can reduce the needed time drastically for completing graduation album by making smooth transactions of draft/data between Photo Studio, Printing Co and The School.

Reduce all fruitless time including waiting and human movement

Photo studio, printing co and school transact only on the net.

Due to automatic layout, designing is so effortless

Reduce the cost dramatically

Leave it to cloud for photo data storage, correction and up-loading

Escape from data loss by disaster or accident

Editing work will be completed on the Web

Photo studio, printing co and school share design and edit it together. You can select photos,  design, instruct correction and all on the web.  You don't have to spend time on sending photos, creating design, receiving comprehension layout and correction.

Introducing substantial functions to you

​Weebum can generate events pages, time-consuming individual pages and name input automatically. Surprisingly easy. It is possible to generate comprehensive design such as adding an effect on photos and creating detailed shapes.

Simple allocation and manipulation of photos

Mask Editing Function

Version up

Photo Editing

Produce simple layout with instinctive operation of dragging and dropping

The photos are allocated on the longer line of rectangular of the mask.

​Miner adjustment like enlargement or reduction or rotation can be easily operated on the screen by dragging.

Drop shadowing

Gradation + Shading

Shading + Permeation


Mask Editing

Rectangular to round

Dividing mask

To round corner

Scissorhands function is installed for editing function.

Automatic layout

Version up

Weebum can produce layout automatically from other photos, titles and backgrounds. When photos are allocated, direction of photos is also considered and matched to others automatically. There is no need for allocating time for layout. 

Left seam

Right seam

Automatic allocation of name and photo

Automatic composition

Version up

Automatic composition of name and title.

Cloud management of photos

As photos are managed by cloud, there is no risk about losing data.

Image correction

Image correction function is also supported.

​You can confirm corrected photos on the Net.

Production of print data

Version up

You can create print data on the Web automatically.

These data are for PDF and InDesign

We have developed a system that could be the standard in the near future of producing a graduation album.

Due to unclear instructions no of meetings and data confirmation increases.

Printing knowledge is required by photo studio. Many DTP work required.

Correction work is heavy load due to large number of photos.

Sales staff hands proof paper in physically. Time loss and output costs occur before handing in.

Loss of photos, Omission, uploading inappropriate data.

Sometimes cannot go ahead with printing and start from scratch again

Can define instruction by using photos on each page and can start designing.

Printing knowledge is not required by photo studio.Reduction of production time. Can work out layout automatically from instructions on using photo and caption.

Can correct photos and reduce the load.

Confirm design and correction instruction on line. Eliminate the time loss before submission and reduce output costs.

Manage photos data by cloud server. Up loading work is not required and it prevents loosing photos and omission.

Generate printing data. Unify and improve the uploading data.

School Business prospering despite declining birth rates

A new business in the era of declining birth rates sales of graduation album with small volume of production

As a teacher or students can create designs by themselves, the retail price of album sales will be in a realistic range even for small volume of production, which often difficult to make good profit.

New sales with personalized graduation albums which will be presented to guardians,

​grandparents and people who were helpful to them.

Individual memories shape into individual album

"Keep children at school in a palm" photo sale sight for each individual school can be made easily

School only sight in which you can open and sell many taken photos. Parents will also appreciated the kids who came into full view from normally hiding at school.

The demonstration sight you can experience Weebum is  >