Your personal web studio and store

Web Kobo

What is Web Kobo ?

Web Kobo is your personal work shop that copyright holders like creaters, artists, designers and photographers can create their original products on the web.


You do not need to have a prototype or any stock to sell your design online. 


Moreover, customers that like your products can buy and customize the products on the web. Web Kobo supports all business process like payment and shipping, so you can concentrate on designing your next product or creating new homepage.


Let's take a look at how to use Web Kobo. 

Copyright holders can create their original products easily from the arts, illustrations, designs, photos that they have copyrighted. They can also build an online store and advertising banners that they can paste on other homepages.

Create Online store

Create advertising banner

Customers who select a product on your homepage or advertising banner will be automatically redirect to a page that has details of each product in Web Kobe server. If customers like the product, they can select "customize this product" and move to The Customize board.

Your Homepage or blog

Inside Web Kobo server

Customers can customize the color, size, position of illustration on The Customize board, Also they can add in text like their name.  

Your customers can easily make payments with the online shipping cart system provided by Web Kobo. Web Kobe also provide all the process from manufacturing to shipping so you can focus on creating your next product.

Example of past service

My Disney Studio (2007.5 - 2009.8)

Customers can create an original Disney product using Web Kobo on a web browser. They can choose any arts they like can resize, reposition, edit color and add in text as well. After the customers finish customizing, they can purchase it through the shopping cart system.